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Become a Jury Member

What is it all about?

You have immeasurable influence and experience within the startup ecosystem. The decisions of the jury members have a tremendous influence on the future and careers of the nominees and having you involved in this process guarantees that we choose only the best amongst them.

What is your role in the competition?

You will be a part of the selection process on either the regional or global level. You will select the best candidates to become winners in specific categories. The regional/global team will be at your full disposal and will ensure that all the data, materials and systems necessary for you to fulfil your duties are provided. In return, we ask you for a maximum of one to three hours of your time to help us find the gems and celebrate what this very divergent yet thriving region has to offer.

What you get

Participation as a juror provides a very rare opportunity for our jury members – a chance to build bridges within the active regions of GSAwards. You will be contributing to a unique effort to unite startup ecosystems. Furthermore, as a jury member, you will get an insight into the startups and other ecosystem players in the categories you will judge. As a juror, you will be promoted within the ecosystem and you will become part of the GSAwards global network, also meaning exclusive access to our events and network. Below you will find a detailed description of the responsibilities as a jury member as well as from GSAwards.

Jury member responsibilities

  • The jury member is expected to use his / her domain knowledge and expertise to evaluate each finalist that belongs to the category/categories.
  • The jury member will read all the category definitions and criteria to understand the framework of the rating process.
  • The jury member will evaluate the finalists individually, based on the category definition and criteria provided by the relevant staff.
  • The jury member will rate each finalist based on instructions.
  • The jury member will perform the rating process of the finalists and provide the results to the relevant team within the dates and deadlines of the competition.
  • The jury member will rate the finalists without involving personal or third-party interests in the rating process.
  • If the jury member has any relation or personal interest to any finalist that he/she is expected to vote on, the jury member will not rate in the specific category and must notify GSAwards HQ immediately.
  • The jury member will not share information about the rating process, nor the results before it is published officially by GSAwards.
  • The jury member will not perform any action that might harm the regional brand, and/or the GSAwards brand.

Global Startup Awards responsibilities

  • Regional HQ or GSAwards will provide exposure of the jury member on the website.
  • Regional HQ or GSAwards will provide exposure of the jury member on Social Media platforms (i.e. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter).
  • Regional HQ or GSAwards will ensure the incorporation of the jury member in the GSAwards alumni network.
  • Regional HQ or GSAwards will provide all the resources necessary for the rating process of the finalists of each country. The executive team will be at full disposal and will ensure that all the materials and systems necessary for you to fulfill your duties are provided.
  • Regional HQ will invite the jury member to all the events, including the exclusive, invite-only daytime activities and other side events.


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